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    ICRI chapters operate independently with their own leadership and regulations. However, only National ICRI members are eligible to join a local chapter. You can visit the ICRI national website for information on joining the organization and designating the Chicago Chapter as your local chapter. Visit HERE for more membership information. 

    Educational Sessions


    ICRI Member Benefits

    Membership Value

    Our organization and its chapters offer the many benefits listed below, however, the most valuable of these are the multiple networking and team building events involving the unique peer group that focuses on our work. Our members have full access to meetings, conventions, educational seminars and social events, all of which offer opportunities to build relationships with representatives of each discipline that impacts our industry. Definitively, the value of ICRI membership is directly related to each member's commitment to participate in the organization's activities. 

    Industry Recognition

    Our membership understands and accepts the responsibility to serve our industry with high standards, and ICRI members are recognized around the world as companies and individuals that provide the utmost quality in their products and services. It is this recognition that leads prospective customers to our members through on-line registries on the national and local chapter websites.

    Committee Participation and Industry Growth

    ICRI technical and administrative committees develop programs and establish precedent to further the quality of concrete repair. ICRI members vote on everything from the publication of a guideline and the development of industry outreach programs to ICRI Project of the Year Award Winners and its Fellowships.

    Technical Support

    ICRI serves as a clearing house of information relative to concrete restoration and repair. ICRI Technical Guidelines, Certification Programs, educational seminars, online forums, and publications provide a wealth of information that allows our membership to improve it's knowledge base and status in our industry. Peer networking within our membership also proves time and again as an invaluable resource for both general and technical information.


    Members receive a complimentary subscription to the Concrete Repair Bulletin, the bimonthly publication of ICRI, focused exclusively on the concrete restoration and repair industry. Chicago Chapter members also receive a complimentary subscription to the Concrete Reinforcera quarterly publication focused on local events, projects and issues relevant to local membership.

    Discounted Pricing

    ICRI members enjoy reduced pricing on many of the products and services that the organization provides. Membership discounts include: FREE Technical Guideline purchases, meetings and conventions, sponsored workshops, tutorials, symposiums and advertising in the Concrete Repair Bulletin, Concrete Reinforcer and "Who's Who in Concrete Repair."

    Would you like more information on becoming an ICRI Member? Contact our chapter administrator at: [email protected]