Chapter Activities

    The Chicago Chapter strives to meet its members expectations in providing a forum that both reflects our founders' visions and allows for the furthering of our mission statement. Many volunteers commit a great deal of time and energy in working to accomplish the goals set forth by each year's Board of Directors. Were it not for that commitment, this unique organization would not be possible. If you or someone you know would like to get involved, check out our Committees page and contact a chairperson. 

    Educational Programs 
    Each year, we work to provide four technical seminars as dinner programs and one as a classroom session. Each session requires extensive planning to ensure that the subject matter is relevant and that the speakers are both qualified and engaging. Members are encouraged to provide program topics and feedback so that these sessions may provide the greatest benefit to our audience. You can find examples of some of our more recent programs on the Presentations & Seminars page.

    Social Events
    As in general construction, Concrete Repair requires strong relationships in the field, and those relationships can many times be forged on a golf course, at a ball game or many other places away from the job site. Understanding the relationship aspect of our industry, the Chicago Chapter also holds many social functions so that our members can network with each other in an informal setting. Aside from our Annual Golf Outing that doubles as our Scholarship Fundraiser, we are also noted for many other fun activities like Cubs Rooftop Games, Riverboat Cruises, Horse Racing events and let's not leave out our annual Holiday Social / Texas Hold 'em Tournament. Check our our Social Events page for a bit of the history.

    Educational Scholarship Program
    Our Chapter's foremost outreach initiative is to provide financial assistance to those who could be the future of our industry. Each year our fundraising activities center around the scholarship program, for which we strive to give over $5000 in financial and educational support. Award candidates are undergraduate-level students pursuing course work in fields directly related to concrete construction or repair. All funding for the Scholarship Award is provided through our Chapter.

    Project Awards
    The Chicago Chapter appreciates the quality of work that results from our diagnostic, design and construction professionals working together to preserve the many structures throughout the Chicagoland area. It is with this in mind that we seek to recognize those projects that require something special to achieve such quality results. More information on this program is available on our Project Awards page.

    Other Activities
    Whether its the newsletters, our support of ICRI National Conventions, peer networking with other chapters or even this website, this organization is committed to the betterment of our industry. We're always looking for new perspectives, so join us in our efforts!