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    A Message from Our 2017 Board President... Mr. Chris Kottra

    School is back in session.  Days at the pool and beach are winding down.  These are reminders that fall is upon us or at least approaching quickly.  Intuitively this would also suggest a time to finish up summer projects and begin to wind down.  However, we all know that in actuality it is the complete opposite.  Every year it seems that Labor Day is a wake-up call to remind us and building owners that winter is around the corner.  Depressing thought, I know.  Hurry up and get it done becomes the catch phrase as the clock ticks down towards December.  During this rush, it is important not to sacrifice quality and safety for speed.  It would be a disservice to our clients, each other, and ourselves for that matter to do things faster if they are not done correctly.  Our niche industry revolves around the premise that there is a problem, and we are tasked with fixing that problem.  Shortcuts may result in bigger problems down the road.  As such, staying focused on quality work will help us individually and the concrete repair industry in general.    

    We have great events planned for the fall to further our education and networking opportunities in the concrete repair industry.  I hope to see everyone at our dinner meetings on September 26th at Erie Café, and on November 14th at Westwood Tavern in Schaumburg.  Our full-day seminar on corrosion mitigation will take place at McCann’s facility in Addison on October 19th.  Social events include the annual Cubs rooftop event on September 8th and our holiday social in December.  Please be on the lookout for the e-mails to register for these great events. 

    As always, I encourage you to reach out to other individuals and companies that are not currently represented in the ICRI Chicago Chapter to broaden our membership.  Everyone can benefit from new, fresh perspectives.  That goes for the board of directors as well.  If you or someone you know is looking to get more involved with the chapter, please reach out to myself or another board member to discuss opportunities to help out with our various committees.      

    So as we enter the fall season in Chicago, be safe, be thorough, and be efficient.  A prosperous future will be your reward.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.     


    Christopher Kottra
    ICRI Chicago Chapter President

    ICRI Chicago Chapter Recognizes Our Past Presidents

    Any organization is only as successful as its leadership. This is especially the case with volunteer organizations such as ICRI Chicago Chapter. From very humble beginnings, our chapter has grown in both size of membership and level of activity throughout our history. Here we honor and say thank you to those who have given their time and hard work to further our mission, many of whom are still active in the chapter today!

    2016 - Sean Meracle

    2015 - Steve Genovese

    2014 - Alex Szatanek

    2013 - Jeff Zeitler

    2012 - Jeffery Smith

    2011 - Craig Frier

    2010 - Patrick Martin

    2009 - Mike McCluskey

    2008 - Thomas Laird

    2007 - Stephen Niewiadomski

    2006 - William Mahler

    2005 - Mark Nelson

    2004 - Gary Hayes

    2003 - Leland Sizemore

    2002 - Torrey Thompson

    2001 - Joseph Amrein

    2000 - Todd Spindler

    1999 - Kelly M. Page

    1998 - Jim Corbett

    1997 - Marty Sobelman

    1995 - Marty Sobelman

    1994 - Tom Kline

    1993 - Bill Wolski

    1992 - Ron Bartlestein