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    A Message from Our 2018 Board President... Mr. JIM FADELLIN.

    Presidents Message

    As I assume the role of chapter president here in 2018, I reflect back on how I have watched this chapter grow and change over the past several years. One of the things that impressed me the most, that I almost didn’t believe when I first joined ICRI, is the way that competitors work together as one on goals for the organization and the chapter. I found it very interesting that we can meet as competitors in a pre-bid meeting hours before a board meeting and then work side by side on chapter projects, committees and meetings.

    It’s like ICRI is a neutral ground where information, experience and technology is shared openly for the good of the industry and organization! Having served on the board and committees, I’ve learned firsthand the importance of maintaining “the balance” of specifiers, suppliers and contractors, and the input, opinions and reasoning from all three groups. That mix and that balance is critical to our success

    If I could say one thing to each of the members in this chapter, it would be that you’re welcome here in this organization.  Your ideas, thoughts and opinions about the direction of the industry will be openly received and your involvement is what keeps us moving forward.

    I would like to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors who fulfilled their terms and are passing on the reins to the three new directors. Thank you to the outgoing directors and board members and welcome to the new board members and directors. I look forward to the continuing contributions and involvement of past board members and to working with the new ones.

    I would like to invite any member to sit in on the board and committee meetings and to get involved!!

    The board meetings will all be on the calendar as well as most of the committee meetings. I would also highly recommend attending a National Convention. Several years back, I went as a delegate and I “got hooked”! The networking, knowledge and idea sharing that engaged me so much in the Chicago Chapter is multiplied by” Ten “at the National Convention with members from all over the country. I’ve joined some national committees and have been attending ever since my first one.

    In closing I would like to say that one of my primary goals this year is to increase the involvement of students moving into our industry. I feel we need to reach out to the students and show them all the potential of the restoration industry.

    As we all know, our future is in the youth.


    Jim Fadellin
    ICRI Chicago Chapter President


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